Monthly Archives: July 2012

Morning Ride Homer Alaska

Kathy and Cat on the Baycrest Overlook Homer, AK

What a day for a ride! Finally we’re enjoying some summer weather here in Homer. We got out for a ride up Sterling Highway yesterday, enjoying the breathtaking landscape of Kachemak Bay.  Wearing SHORTS and SHORT SLEEVED JERSEYS definitely did NOT suck : )  We managed our good deed of the day nice and early, rescuing a black lab hell-bent on finding his missing Humans.  He was just galumphing down the highway, in typical lab fashion, completely oblivious to the big loud things with tires and wheels. Goofball. We called him and he came right away; a veritable blur of elbows, ears, and slobber. Thankfully, he had a number on his tag and was returned to his gatekeepers safely.