Monthly Archives: August 2013

Meet Cycling Parrot, Patricia Delores

Patricia Delores rad bird on a bike
Patricia Delores  AKA “P.D. Bird” is a rad cycling parrot.. click here to learn about her amazing life cycling all around California on the  handle bars or her friend’s shoulder . P.D. Bird LOVES the new otter bike jersey BTW!  We forgot this guy’s name that owns PD Bird – but we sure liked him because he’s kind to animals, he loves our jerseys, and he leads an interesting life.

Beautiful person with a BIG heart

Alaska gold rush jersey, big heart
Sybille, tireless volunteer at the Alaska SeaLife Center.. is a beam of sunshine! Her kindness and dedication to “those who cannot speak for themselves” makes this world a better place. BIG LOVE to Sybille and all people that create “more good” wherever they go!
A NOTE from SYBILLE: ” So much fun wearing your beautiful shirt. People stop me everywhere. Hope you have loads of sales of these absolutely gorgeous shirts”.