Monthly Archives: September 2013

Training in Alaska has it’s hazards

big bear track
On a six mile training run yesterday, this is what we found..fresh and oozing in the mud. BIG Brown bear ( coastal grizzly) tracks..on a popular wooded trail. We normally carry bear spray or marine flares- effective and safe deterrents. Of course we had nothing with us on this day but our voices so we made lots of noise!  We are on our way now to practice lighting flares without lighting our hair on fire. These wild bears generally avoid people at all costs but its good to have something to help stand your ground in case we surprise one and it huffs, puffs, and bluffs.

Florida bike jersey designs – vote now or forever hold your peas (1)

Florida bike jersey
New Florida bike jersey – Bright and Kool !  Vote for one of the 2 designs-posted one after another. This is the Unisex design. Your kind input appreciated too. Colors are not exact on screen but will be the usual bright  Free Spirit colors. (We will have a women’s design to unveil in the next few days!)

Pockets filled with shells..

happy girl on the beach
Greta sporting her sea otter bike jersey on the Oregon coast. She wears it backwards so that she can use the pockets for sand toys, shells, rocks, etc. We told her that people wear them turned around the other way, and she looked at us like we had two heads. She loves her ‘exercise shirts’–Gramma got her this one and the AK license plate jersey for her birthday.