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Tips for Cycling on Roads!!

A lot of people say they are put off bicycling because they don’t like the idea of cycling within traffic, yet many cyclists use busy streets every day without any trouble, because they cycle safely and make sure drivers see them. Once you know the basic principles of road cycling you can start to enjoy riding everywhere.

• Follow rules of the road – Stop at stop signs and traffic lights.
• Don’t cycle on the sidewalks except when designated for cycling.
• Use hand signals for lane changes and turns.
• Be visible. Wear bright clothing (Free Spirit Bike Jerseys).
• Consider wearing a helmet.
• Be aware of vehicles. Make eye contact with drivers at intersections.
• Use lights and reflective clothing at night.
• Ride on the right with the flow of traffic.

Tips for Cycling on Roads
Tips for Cycling on Roads

• Use the road shoulder when safe and maintained.
• You may ‘take the lane’ to avoid hazards.
• Be decisive and predictable.
• Use your bell – not all walkers can see you.
• In wet weather watch your speed as surfaces can be slippery and it takes longer to stop.

Remember, cyclists and car drivers are equally permitted to use & share the same road space. Respecting all road users helps everyone to benefit from traveling by road.

Ride Safe
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