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Making mistakes while cycling is common for rookies as cycling tends to be a minefield for them. We can assist you in cycling with a few tips of our own for you to avoid the accidents and enjoy this hobby of yours at your best in the places you like.

Riding With Friends: You can include friends when you go cycling who shares the same interest as you in cycling. It will be even more fun if all of you are a rookie and have similar fitness level. In our opinion, there is nothing better than mindless chatting among friends and cycling through ever changing scenes of the country with the occasional coffee and snack break.


Use Your Free Time To Learn Basic Bike Maintenance Skills: Imagine cycling in the middle of nowhere in a heavy downpour when you get a puncture. We have to say that is not a fun experience at all. So, practice changing an inner tube when you’re free, with how to use a puncture repair kit before you set out on a long ride.


Set Up Your Bike Correctly: People make a stupid mistake a beginner trying to set up the bike themselves. But every person has a unique body that needs adjusting to the cycle perfectly otherwise they will ache all over for days after a long ride. To avoid such situation getting your bike tailored to make your saddle height and handlebars adjusted rather than doing it yourself. Our suggestion to you is to go to your local specialist bike shop and do it with a small fee, your money will be well spent.


Gears: There are many gears that comes with cycling, but not all of them are for beginners and some are even unnecessary. We would recommend some basic gears for your cycle that you can invest in. Those are:

  • A pair of padded cycling shorts with breathable, seam free fabric that will soak up sweat quickly and protect your tenders from harm.
  • A good and strong cycling helmet.
  • A set of cycling tools – including Allen keys, a puncture repair kit, a spare inner tube and a bike pump.
  • A pair of cycling sunglasses, not necessarily for the sun, but for protecting your eyes from dirt, dust and flying insects.
  • A water bottle that clips onto your bike. Don’t forget to drink lots of water during bike rides to keep your body working properly.
  • Use lights and consider wearing bright clothing (Free Spirit Bike Jerseys), especially in towns, at night and in bad weather.

Slow Starting: Slow and steady wins the race. So, we recommend you to take it slowly and start steadily with cycling. A short 30 minutes ride on a flat traffic free road for the first few week will be an easy enough start and it will surely increase your endurance and fitness. You will be able to take longer and challenging rides in no time and before you know it you will become a cycling bug!


Back on the mainland and on the road again!!!

Back on the mainland and on the road again. Down to 60 degress this evening.


Silver River State Park


Turtle on tree in background appeared to be doing yoga..and was not afraid of those gators. Silver River State Park


The only humans out today on a trail through old civil war prison grounds (Lawton). History everywhere here. Magnolia Springs State Park


Bicycle riding is fun, healthy, and great way to see Blythe Island Campground


Beautiful morning in Georgia A.H Stephens State Park


Sewanee: The University of the South


Quiet campsite in Georgia. Kolomoki Mounds

Suwannee River State Park


Suwannee River State Park


A little chilly but beautiful. Anastasia Beach


Breakfast in bed for Birthday boy Pat Irwin Anastasia State Park


Riding just for the fun of it. Anastasia Beach

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Kathy and Pat Owners of Free Spirit LLC are traveling in southern United States.

Kathy & Pat Owners of Free Spirit LLC are traveling in southern United States to take a break from Alaska winters. Pat has had MS since 2003 and we thought having more sunshine and warmth this year might be a good thing!

Finallyhave the bikes and bike rack now the real trip begins-FreeSpiritBikeJersey-FreeSpiritBestBikeJerseys-bestbikejersey-fashion-clothes-quotes-cycling-Exercise-Arafat Bin Ashiq

“Finally have the bikes and bike the real trip begins.” Fort DeSoto North Beach, St Petersburg, FL

1st Base camp-FreeSpiritBikeJersey-FreeSpiritBestBikeJerseys-bestbikejersey

It’s a beautiful, warm and sunny day. Our 1st Base camp. Fort Desoto Campground


Fat and happy. Island life. North Captiva Island


Sunset Beach Cycling North Captiva Island


Forgot tide book on this morning’s ride. North Captiva Island


What a beautiful morning! North Captiva Island


Chased by a tortoise. North Captiva Island

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Big Fat Ride!!

Big Fat Ride Anchorage Alaska Fat Bike World Record Attempt 2016!!

Big Fat Ride February 27, 2016 FreeSpiritBikeJersey-FreeSpiritBestBikeJerseys-bestbikejersey-fashion-clothes-quotes-cycling-Exercise-Arafat Bin Ashiq 0208-XL

Photo Andy Romang

Choose Your Own!!! Bear on a Bike Jersey

Big Fat Ride February FreeSpiritBikeJersey-FreeSpiritBestBikeJerseys-bestbikejersey-fashion-clothes-quotes-cycling-Exercise-Arafat Bin Ashiq

Photo Andy Romang

Big Fat Ride February 27, 2016 FreeSpiritBikeJersey-FreeSpiritBestBikeJerseys-bestbikejersey-fashion-clothes-quotes-cycling-Exercise-Arafat Bin Ashiq

Photo Andy Romang