Meet Cycling Parrot, Patricia Delores

Patricia Delores rad bird on a bike
Patricia Delores  AKA “P.D. Bird” is a rad cycling parrot.. click here to learn about her amazing life cycling all around California on the  handle bars or her friend’s shoulder . P.D. Bird LOVES the new otter bike jersey BTW!  We forgot this guy’s name that owns PD Bird – but we sure liked him because he’s kind to animals, he loves our jerseys, and he leads an interesting life.
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One thought on “Meet Cycling Parrot, Patricia Delores

  1. His name is “Popi” aka Johnny. Great human being and a true individualist. Two traits you rarely find in one person. Used to talk to him all the time via the net (I have 7 parrots and he and PD’s adventures amazed me so we became friends. It’s been a while and I hope he and PD are OK as it seems his last photo was in 2011. Planning on touching base with him again soon to catch up. Doing a google search on Patricia Dolores aka PD Bird and Popi, warms my heart to see how many results there are other than his blog.

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