Orphan Baby Walrus

Free Spirit owners Pat and Kathy had the awesome opportunity to spend time with this newly orphaned walrus at the Alaska Sealife Center in Seward. As volunteers in Homer for the Stranded Sea Mammal Network based in Seward, Alaska we sometimes get to go behind the scenes and help with some of the animals. This is one we’ll never forget.

baby walrus
Free Spirit bike Jersey Owners Kathy and Pat sit with orphaned Baby Walrus


He was found swimming 8 miles off the coast of Barrow by native fishermen. Mom was no where to be found. The natives brought him back to the village and the Sealife Center (ASLC) was contacted. 2 days and a plane flight later he was admitted in the safe and caring hands of the staff at ASLC in Seward, 1000 miles from Barrow. He’s now in good health, gaining weight, and hamming it up for anyone who wants to hear his story. He has also joined a fellow orphaned walrus from the Barrow area who is a few weeks older than his 10 weeks. They seem to be getting along just fine.

Pat shares a moment with a baby walrus




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