E-mails from our customers:

  • Wow,Wow, and another WOW
    I ordered my jersey late last week and it was in my mailbox yesterday. I love this jersey and I love the fit. I will definintly be ordering more. Thanks for a great product. Jerry

  • Kathy Sarns, thank you very much for your beautiful biking jerseys. I am 73 and I have somewhere over 28,000 miles on my bike. My first jersey "Oregon" is 10 yrs old (?) and still in great shape. Just ordered my second jersey, its blue, with no state. Still have riders asking "Where did you get that great jersey." I show your web site. Now that I have two of your jerseys, I can say "Thank God Lord O aMight I'm Free at Last from Ugly #@%& Biking Jerseys. Think I'll have a bon fire for the uglies.

  • Dear Kathy, thank you so much for the response. I love my Jerseys they are superb. I wear them ın the Gym, ın the woods cyclıng , ıt certaınly ıs the best " conversatıon starter" I have ever seen. I own now sıx jerseys , fırst one Alaska Wolf , handcarrıed to Turkey, By a frıend lıvıng ın Toronto . Others you shıpped me. I happıly advertıse your jerseys . :):) comıng to the socks , ıf you can send please do send two paırs of small/medıum. Thank you so much. Lookıng forward to your fortcomıng new desıgns . Say hı to those ın Alaska from your customer ın Istanbul. Cheers.Mahmut

  • I just wanted to say THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! I ordered a California shirt from you on Monday, Nov 30th and asked that you ship as soon as possible because it was for someone leaving the country on 12/12. Well, I received it today, in PLENTY of time to give the gift before my friend leaves! You are awesome—thank you so much for getting it out so quickly! That is TRULY customer service – which is rare these days!J

  • Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a great and easy site to order from. I just ordered the Washington bike jersey. Guess I'll have to take up biking so I can order one for me : )


    Thank you and keep up the good workI enjoy putting on your Jersey (Majestic Glaciers) before each ride.I get so many compliaments on how nice it looks. Plus having spent QUALITY time in Alaska coaching at National Cross Country Ski events "the Jersey"also helps bring back fond memories of great people and a very special place on earth. For that I say, "1000 thank yous." Coach Weston

  • I was walking the South Downs in England and saw cyclists riding from Winchester to Eastbourne. From a distance I saw your jersey and when I asked the guy if he was from Alaska he said in a very British accent, "No, are you?" We decided we should get one too, since yes, we are from Alaska...


    Thought you'd like to know how International you've become. Bonnie-Sue H

  • Hi Kathy Hey i was reading the Free spirit blog today , wow ,very impressed . Now one thing i have noticed is that in all the photos i have seen of guys wearing the jerseys, my own included, is that no matter how dramatic the scenery, or in my case the ice cream, it is the jerseys that stand out . It is as if they were made to be photographed and that is all down to the stunning artwork.

    Around Easter time i was looking for some jerseys to wear on the rides throughout the summer , something pretty out of the ordinary , something that will make heads turn and sure enough i found them , and boy did i find them . Now i have others that are good to wear but once i put on one of yours then we really are going up through the the gears in quality .

    How good do i think they are ? Well think of the first time you you heard your favorite music , in my case people like The Jayhawks , Calexico , Gene Clark and Midlake , now once you heard them the first time you just wanted to hear more , and that is exactly the same the first time you put the jersey on , now if only the jerseys could make music what songs they would sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kathy, thank you, and your team, for giving me and others the inspiration to make even the hardest of events an absolute joy .Sean

  • Hi Kathy,


    I'd like to thank you for your personal involvement in communicating the issue with me. Communicating with a customer in today's world is a rare thing let alone by the owner. In my humble opinion it says a lot about your company. Well Done!!!

    I tried and was successful today in ordering the bike jersey I wanted.

    Thank You, Frank

  • Hi! I got my long sleeves jersey today. Just wanted to say its absolutely beautiful!! I love it! Thank you for the amazing service, timely delivery and beautiful product!

    Y'all rock!

    -Candice A, MichiganPS

  • Hi there I cycle commute 10 miles each way to work at an outdoors store just outside the entrance to Denali National Park (Alaska) - and most days I am wearing one of your jerseys... (I own four)

    This morning I was arriving at work and heard a woman yelling out "excuse me, excuse me biker..."

    I stopped and the woman approached me...to ask where I got my jersey (I was wearing the Fireweed jersey -which we had just completed the 2day300k last weekend)

    I was delighted to share your contact info and tell her what I knew of your great products!!!!

    She then (of course) pulled out her Smartphone to start checking you out!!!!
    It was a great encounter that started my day off right! - and I hope it adds a smile to yours

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork in a way that I can share it with others!!! kate

  • Hi Kathy! Dennis from Los Angeles here! I saw you again at El Tour de Tucson last November after meeting you in Anchorage a few years ago (2007) when I bought my windbreaker from you.


    We're at our cabin in Gatlinburg, TN this week and we were walking through some stores when a man commented on my Alaska jacket. Turns out he was a cyclist and I really impressed him when I showed him how my sleeves could zip off. Perhaps he will order one. He took down your website from my jacket.

    Already booked our fourth Alaska cruise for August 2014 and we plan on driving around for a week before, maybe to Homer. Probably see you sometime during our travels. El Tour de Tucson is already on the calendar. Dennis M aka Cycle Den

  • Free Spirit: I have to say I am VERY pleased with my recent purchase. I ordered the jersey on Tuesday and it arrived on Friday. Then, it fits my husband perfectly. He's tall, so it's hard to find bike jerseys that fit, but your product fits and is great. Can't wait to have him wear it riding. I will be sure to tell all my biker friends about the great service and great products. Thank you. Terry H


    "It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you never stop."

  • Thank you for the beautiful Salmon shirt. Everyone loves it. Handing out your cards. Sybille

  • Hi,I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the fit of your cycling shirts. I got my "Arizona" jersey at a bike shop in.....Arizona. Its a (mens?) small and fits great. Just wanted to let you know in case you ever get a call from a woman wanting to know about the fit...I'm 5'4" 115 lbs. I tried on the womens sizes, but they were too short for me. I love the graphic on the shirt too...so thanks for a great product. Min J roanoke va

  • Hi Kathy, Thank you so much for the great Alaska socks!! Sorry for the delay, I've been in California visiting family. Thank you SO MUCH for the socks!!! Very cool!!! My husband and I rode around Big Bear Lake and I wore them proudly. I didn't wear my jersey yet, I have about 5 pounds to loose before I feel comfortable in it. I know they are supposed to be snug but when you are someone of my size, tight tops are not favorable.


    Thank you again for the present and I'll let you know how the ride goes in August and how many of your business cards I hand out. I guess more and more of our Prescott folks are going to go to this Bike the Bay. I'm nervous about it as I hear going over the bridge is hard but I'll just do my best.
    Take care!!!! Pamela P

  • Great Shirt!!! I will tell everyone where I got it . Thanks for the socks. Wow, you all are amazingly fast!!Denny

  • Hi just a short note to say the package arrived yesterday bandana looks and fits great thanks for the good service I'll be in touch when it's time for a jersey thanks again MARK G

  • These jerseys are seen all over the world. Two friends of mine recently did a long tour in Italy and saw Italian riders wearing Alaska jerseys! JAMES M

  • Congratulations Kathy, You are a generous and creative person and your jerseys continue to get compliments many years later, and they still look great after many washings!! JIM V

  • Kathy,I was so glad I had a chance to meet you!
    I love the jacket. Thanks once again for the cute socks and your your wonderful customer service!

    A happy customer, Harriet T

  • Thank You for the prompt reply and processing of the order. Greatly Appreciated! ROBERT N

  • Hi Kathy and Pat, Thank you for the Tech T. It got here fast. When I saw it I knew what I needed. I went to the bike guy downtown and picked up an XS jersey for Alex and I will keep the T for Greta (Cara and Matt's 2 year old). It is just slightly smaller than the XS jersey. They will be up here the first week of July. Matt, Brooks and I plan to do the Fireweed campout option. Matt has one of your Alaska jerseys and so does Brooks. Greta and Cara will be along the route and Greta can wear a shirt just like Daddy's and Gramps'. Three generations. Too much fun! Yesterday was Alex's birthday party up here and he was really happy to get his real bike shirt. I made his cake and put a model bike on it with a photo cutout of him riding it wearing a Photo-Shopped Alaska jersey.


    It was a big hit. So, this all leads me to another request. Do you have another XS Tech Taround? If so, I would like to have it for Clara. She is learning to ride a bike and really liked Alex's shirt.

    I know I was lucky to get the one, but if you do have another, I would like to have it. I am loving this Gramma role!

    Thanks again for your help. I know you are busy with "real" customers. Rita ( friend and neighbor of 20 years)

  • Thanks. I love my Alaska jersey. Kind Regards, Barry

  • I got my windbreaker and it's great. You guys have another satisfied customer. Isabel Z

  • Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a great and easy site to order from. I just ordered the Washington bike jersey. Guess I'll have to take up biking so I can order one for me : )

    Thank you and keep up the good work Carolyn R

  • I just wanted to say THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! I ordered a California shirt from you on Monday, Nov 30th and asked that you ship as soon as possible because it was for someone leaving the country on 12/12. Well, I received it today, in PLENTY of time to give the gift before my friend leaves! You are awesome—thank you so much for getting it out so quickly! That is TRULY customer service – which is rare these days!

    Happy holidays! Debra K

  • Dear Freespirit, thank you so much for the jersey. The colors are brillant, just like Colorado! Nice graphics on Aspen! I will wear it proudly! I will also try to get Lisa on board with your jerseys. Something fresh...

    Thank you again for the lovely gift. Tatatye

  • Kathy, Just a note to let you know that I had a biking accident and my beautiful Kathy Sarns jersey had to be cut off me! If I hadn't been so doped up on Morphine I am certain I would have insisted they pull it off rather than cut it off. I feel so BAD every time I think of that jersey in shreds.


    A lady pulling of the McDonalds drive thru hit me throwing me into the traffic on Lake Otis. I broke 3 ribs on my right side and my left wrist. My right wrist had muscle and ligament damage but not bad enough to cast. I had surgery on my left wrist and it's coming along fine but the ribs are really sore still. Eventually, I'll want to buy or tradeout for another jersey so keep me in mind when you order. I'll need a rather large size.

    I think what I had was 2XL. If you order more sizes of the no bottom elastic I think I might like that one even better. Or maybe I'll want the jacket. I'll check them out next time I see them in REI.

    Take care! Carolyn Borjon ( FREE SPIRIT'S WEB DESIGNER)

  • Hi Kathy & Pat, I got my shirt yesterday an it fits and looks great, also matches my blue bike pretty good. My wife loves it , so I think I may be sending you another order for Christmas, to go with the bike I am going to buy her.


    I would be glad to advertise for you and push some business to you.

    Thanks again and you will be hearing from me soon I am sure. AGFA, Matt

  • Please notify me when you create a Tennessee shirt smile often, speak gently, be kindTom M

  • I love your jerseys and was wondering if you would sponsor me one. I am moving to Poland in a few weeks and would love to show off my home grown spirit. If the full price of the shirt is out of the question, I would be happy to pay for half.

    Keep up the good work and I hope to be riding in an Alaskan Jersey soon!
    Take care, Richard K

  • Hi Thank you ,jersey arrived ,looks absolutly awsome ,I look forward to wearing it next sunday on club ride .

    Regards Eric M
    Western Australia

  • Free Spiritwear/Kathy Sarns I have the Gold Rush Jersey but the Denali Bear is for me THE jersey.
    With 2 friends we bike camped starting in Anchorage, to Portage Glacier, then the train, and on to Valdese. From Glen Allen we traveled west to Palmer and then north to Denali where we spent 2 days without a cloud in the sky. On our motor trip into the park we did see a large "Denali Bear" with cubs. Onto Fairbanks for a couple of days to finish our 1100+ mile trip.
    I have bike camped thru out the United States but biking Alaska was my greatest "free spirit" trip.

    Thanks for the great new jersey.
    Very Sincerely, Craig A. R

  • Dear all at Free Spirit Wear, While on a ride here in Oregon I saw a jersey that I just had to have, a beautiful yellow jersey with riders cruising down the wooded mountain slope with wildlife, a meandering stream and "Oregon" proudly displayed. I've been there many times, in many parts of our fair state and I've had the feelings that the jersey evokes. I finally found out from a fellow club member where I could order the jersey (well geeez, just read the address on the arm). I did order it, while sitting in the Las Vegas airport, brain dead from a vacation. Of course I missed one small little detail -- like ordering the right size, I didn't move the check to "large", so ended up ordering an extra small, which would have probably fit well over my right arm. I called your 1-800 number and a real person answered, actually had my order already and made the correction. She was extremely friendly and she didn't even mention how brain dead I must of been when I ordered. A few days later my jersey arrived and it was indeed as beautiful as I remembered, even my non-riding wife and two polyester knit/wicking jersey impaired daughters thought it was really beautiful. There was even a "Thank you" and a smiling face on the receipt with the jersey.

    I've tried it on and it is really comfortable and fits well. But I'm saving it for the first day of a four day ride that my sister, brother-in-law and myself are taking in September. They also bought the Oregon jersey, so we'll look like "Team Oregon" on the ride. That first day will start in the high desert country of Central Oregon near Bend, then go up the Old Mackenzie Pass Road (a road following the path of the old wagon road going up the east side of the Cascades). From the summit you can see Mt Hood, Mt Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, Mt Washington, the Three Sisters and Crater Lake, all while standing on an ancient lava flow. The decent down the west side of the Cascades is appropriately called Dead Horse Grade (because it will kill you if you go up it, and might just kill you even if you are going down). On the way down we'll be cruising down a wooded mountainside, with wildlife and a meandering stream off to the left (where have I seen that picture before?).

    After all my ramblings, I would like to thank you for designing a jersey that really captures the spirit and reality of riding in the Oregon mountains. I would like to thank you for your friendliness and help correcting my mistake and thank you for the speed with which the jersey was delivered. I guess I'll have to ride in places like Washington, California, Colorado and come up and visit Alaska, to continue my Free Spirit collection. Unless of course you want to produce a second Oregon jersey, maybe featuring the rugged and beautiful Pacific Coastline in Oregon. And, if you never have, you might want come down south and enjoy riding in the great state of Oregon.

    Thank You from a very satisfied customer/rider/Oregonian, Bill C

  • Approximately 3 years ago, I purchased one of your Alaska Jersey while visiting Anchorage.
    I love the design, fit, everything about it.
    It is the most comfortably fitting jersey I own.
    Sincerely, Stephen C

  • Thanks, Pat!! You totally rock ; )

    That's just the info I needed (and in perfect "me" meticulousness! :)
    I think my natural inclination to lean toward the large has been backed up by your awesome info!

    Y'all's jerseys go so hard!! I love my home state of Michigan to the core and am always findin sicked out ways of representin- nice to know ill be representin for a cool ass company that obviously goes above and beyond the average for their clientele, too!!- (another of my favorite things!!)

    You've made my day a little brighter- thanks for that ; )

    Keep it breezy up there in Homer!!!
    Your homeboy, Gus S

  • Wow, I'll be watching my mail box! That's so great!! I took my jersey to work yesterday and my fellow cycling friends loved it! Maybe you'll get some more orders from Prescott then. I wanted to show you my nutcase helmet. Someone took this of me this year at the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure in Phoenix. We do it every year and the past 3 years I've managed to raise over 1,000 each year. Next year, I'll have a very colorful jersey to wear too!

    Thanks so much and I'd love to meet you someday! I'm on a weight loss journey and I have been getting up every morning super early and going for a ride around 5am. I try to get 10 miles in. I've lost almost 30 pounds so far.

    Take care!!! Pamela P